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Recent events have moved the struggle for racial justice and inclusion in America to the forefront of public consciousness. Jews of Color occupy a unique space within that struggle, living at the intersection of multiple communities and identities. We come together this spring as Jews and as People of Color to celebrate our diversity and build our strength as a community. We want to build a world in which our Jewishness thrives; a world where we are valued as leaders within the Jewish community; a world where our identities as People of Color are supported by Jewish communities committed to the fight against racism.

The convening will include music and art, content for families and children,, community building, and workshops, trainings and other sessions on building our power to fight for ourselves and our communities.

About the Presenting Sponsors:

This event is presented and sponsored by the Jewish Multiracial Network and Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ) It is co-sponsored by Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice and supported by The Ford Foundation.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Attendee Information:

If you have questions about the Convening schedule, hotels, the venue, food and other details, please visit the Attendee Information page.


Who is this event for?

This convening is for anyone who identifies as a Jew of Color. It is of special interest to anyone who is excited about the role of Jews of Color in movements for social justice.

This convening is for all Jews of Color. No one will be checking your credentials at the door. However, out of respect for everyone there and our intention to create a safer space for Jews of Color to explore their identity, we ask that you think carefully about whether this event is appropriate for you. 

The organizers are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible space for disabled/differently-abled, LGBTQIA, poor & working-class Jews of Color and JoC elders and youth. This event will be accessible to both secular and observant Jews; all food provided for the event will be kosher.


Where and when will it be held?

The convening will be held in New York City from Sunday, May 1st to Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016. There will be related events offered on April 29th and 30th. The venue for the convening will be the brand-new Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST) building on West 30th Street in Manhattan.


Does this event have a political agenda?

This convening is intended to be a welcoming home for Jews of Color from many backgrounds and communities with programming for all kinds of people. However the convening is centered in a commitment to Jewish engagement in movements for social justice, and in building the strength of Jews of Color within the Jewish community.


What kind of programming will the convening offer?

The full schedule is available here. Below is a tiny sample of some of the great programming that's in store:

"Power, Oppression, and Privilege 101"

"Beyond MLK Shabbat and the Freedom Seder: Creating lasting diversity in American synagogues"

"Black Lives Matter and Jews of Color: Stories from the front lines"

"Utilizing Jewish text and tradition for racial justice and Jewish diversity activism"

"Queer & Trans Jews of Color: A minority within a minority" 


Is this event appropriate for students, teens or young people?

Absolutely! Not every session will be geared toward young people but we will work to ensure that the environment is welcoming and has exciting events for teens and youth. There will be programming specifically for families and children, ages 4–16 on Sunday, May 1st, and you can register just for that one day. The full convening may not be appropriate for younger children, but there will be childcare available throughout the convening. The convening is a perfect place for students ages 17 and older.


I’m not a Jew of Color but I am the parent of a young person who is.

While this will primarily be a space for Jews of Color, focused on building our leadership, there will be programming specifically for families, including multiracial families on Sunday, May 1st and you can register just for that day, or for the entire convening. We appreciate and encourage you to attend as a family.

I’m worried I can’t afford to come.

We are committed to making this convening as accessible as possible for all Jews of Color. Financial aid is available upon registration. However funds will obviously be limited so apply early.

To help stretch our resources as far as they will go and get as many people to the convening as we can, please actively explore whether your work, synagogue or other local Jewish institution could help cover the cost of your attendance and travel.


How much will attendance cost?

Registration is $275 for adults; $150 for attending Sunday only; $50 for children ages 4–16 (and after the first three kids, registration is free); registration is free for children under 4. Financial aid is available and we are committed to making the convening as accessible as possible for all Jews of Color, regardless of means. However funds will obviously be limited so apply early.


What is the full schedule of workshops and events? 

You can find the preliminary schedule here.


How big will this be?

We will determine an appropriate limit on attendance as we move forward with planning. We want to make a space that feels safe, vibrant, communal and welcoming and we will work hard to make that happen.


Who is organizing the convening?

This event is presented and sponsored by the Jewish Multiracial Network and Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ) It is co-sponsored by Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice and supported by The Ford Foundation.


Can I submit a proposal for a workshop, panel or performance?

Feel free to let us know about a workshop, panel or performance you’d like to offer, or one you’d like to attend by sending us an email here. Make sure to tell us a little about yourself when you send it. However there is no open call or voting process for workshops and trainings. Our large and diverse team of organizers will be creating the program with input from lots and lots of folks, including you!


I’m not a Jew of Color — how can I be involved?

There will be programming at the convening for parents of JOC children and we invite you to attend as a family. There will be concurrent events and programming for non-JOC allies presented by Jews For Racial & Economic Justice. Sign up here for updates and more information about programming for allies.


I want to volunteer my time or my organization’s resources to help make this convening a success.

This will primarily be helpful if you are New York City-based, but let us know what you’d like to offer, and thank you.


This event is very close to Passover and May Day — is that significant?

Jews For Racial & Economic Justice will be hosting a Racial Justice Seder on Thursday, April 28th. Check out www.jfrej.org for more information as it becomes available.


I’d like someone to follow up with me about accessibility needs

Go ahead and register for the event. When you do, you’ll fill out a form with space to let us know about any accessibility needs you may have. We'll follow up if there are any details we need to discuss. We look forward to having you with us in May.


I’d like to make a press or media inquiry

Please contact an event organizer here


I have more questions!

If you have questions about hotels, the venue, food and other details, please visit the Attendee Information page. For other questions, please contact an event organizer here.

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