Sunday May 1st, 2016 - 4 to 5

About the Presenters, Panelists and Performers

A) Community Organizing: Building A Powerful Racial Justice Movement As JOC's (Part 2)

“What is Organizing” will introduce key community organizing skills, engage you in JFREJ’s theory of change, and empower you to be a change agent. Hear on the ground stories of how organizing has built the power of low income communities of color. Brainstorm with fellow participants and facilitators what resources you need to develop and build organizing in your community.

Location: Reich-Marran Room

Presenters:  Amanda Altman, Leo Ferguson


B) Parent As Ally: Advocating For Change

Parents are often the first and most invested allies, Jews of Color experience. Let's have a frank talk about what real and substantial allyship looks like.  We'll work through specific scenarios where parents are uniquely suited to effect change as well as ways they can support the larger work of centering the voices and leadership of Jews of Color in racial justice work internal and external to the Jewish community.

Location: Kuriel Chapel

Presenters:  Chava Shervington


C) Beyond MLK Shabbat & Freedom Seder-Creating Lasting Diversity In American Synagogues

How do we move diversity and inclusion conversations in our synagogues beyond Mission Statement and Freedom Seders? How do we cultivate lasting diversity that echoes the diversity of the Jewish people? Join rabbis and leaders as they discuss ways in which our communities can create lasting changes and fully support Multiracial Jewish families and Jews of Color.

Location: Sanctuary

Presenters:  Chava Shervington, Tamara Fish, Rabbi Mike Rothbaum


D) Childcare and Youth

Supervised games, fun and learning activities for young people; childcare for little ones.

Location: Kessler-Karp Room