MONDAY May 2nd, 2016 - 11:15 to 12:15

A) The Role Of Mizrahim In Our Racial Justice Movements

This workshop aims to educate the broader community of Jews of Color, Sephardi, and Mizrahi Jews in the U.S. about the historical and present day struggles of Mizrahim. We will explore the origins of Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi identities within the context of Racism, Orientalism, Colonization, and Anti-Semitism, in order to unpack how anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia has become internalized within the Jewish community. We will discuss specific historical examples of Ashkenazi Hegemony to understand how it has worked with White Supremacy to oppress Mizrahim in Israel/Palestine, and the cultural repercussions that has on Mizrahim in the U.S. today. Participants will walk away from the workshop understanding how Mizrahi Jews, both as and alongside Jews of Color, can deepen our struggles for justice both within and outside Jewish communities.

Location: Reich-Marran Room

Presenters: Ilise Cohen, Keren Sharon


B) Healing

This workshop will offer an opportunity for Jews of Color to explore and practice techniques for healing and reconnecting to their mind, body and spirit. The workshop hopes to engage Jews at many points in the spectrum of religious observance, and offer pathways via both Jewish and non-Jewish spiritual traditions.

Location: Sanctuary

Presenters:  Shoshana Brown, KB Frazier


C) Pathways To Leadership For Jews Of Color

Despite recent surveys informing the Jewish community of its increasing diversity most Jewish institutions still lack Jews of Color in leadership positions.

Join Jewish Leaders of Color as they discuss obstacles JOCs can sometimes face in the Jewish community when it comes to leadership roles, what the Jewish community can do to help clear the path for more JOCs and the work they're doing in Jewish Institutions.

Location: Kuriel Chapel

Presenters: April Baskin, Jason Daniel Fair, Tamara Fish


D) Childcare and Youth

Supervised games, fun and learning activities for young people; childcare for little ones.

Location: Kessler-Karp Room