MONDAY May 2nd, 2016 - 4:30 to 5:30

A) US Social Justice Movements, Israel, Palestine, and the Role of Jews of Color

Throughout the country, from college campuses to city centers, domestic social justice movements are increasingly intersecting with global social movements, including Israel/Palestine. This situation has led to confrontations with Jewish activists and Jewish organizations. The voices of Jews of Color, especially those of us actively working for social justice, are often marginalized or dismissed in this discourse - yet we know our stories are key to our community’s future. This workshop will present stories from Jews of Color with a range of political positions on the role of Jews of color in this shifting terrain. 

Location: Sanctuary

Presenters:  Jaime-Jin Lewis


B) Utilizing Jewish Text And Tradition For Racial Justice And Jewish Diversity (Part 2)

What does our religious tradition say about diversity? About social justice? Join a text study and learn how our social justice work can be informed and bolstered by our various religious sources and text.

Location: Kuriel Chapel

Presenters:  Rabbi Mike Rothbaum, Tamara Fish, Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein


C) Expanding Ashkenazi: When Ashkenazi Doesn't Mean White

Ashkenazi is usually synonymous with Eastern European — it paints a certain picture. But Jews of Color complicate that narrative, changing both culture and expectations. This workshop will explore the implications of what happens when when Ashkenazi doesn't mean white.

Location: Reich-Marran Room

Presenters: Gulienne Rishon, Erika Davis


D) Childcare and Youth

Supervised games, fun and learning activities for young people; childcare for little ones.

Location: Kessler-Karp Room