Sunday May 1st, 2016 - 11:30 to 12:30

About the Presenters, Panelists and Performers

A) Introduction To Historical And Systematic Racism In Jewish Communal Life

An intro conversation on racial attitudes in the American Jewish community, this session will trace the development and expression of racial and racist attitudes of the Jewish community from slavery through the civil rights movement to today and how those attitudes are reflected in our current Jewish institutional structures.

Location: Kuriel Chapel

Presenters:  Eric Greene, Chava Shervington


B) Power, Oppression and Privelage 101: The Building Blocks of Injustice

In “Power, Oppression and Privilege 101” we will discuss how systems of oppression play out in our society, with a focus on racial and economic injustice and anti-Jewish oppression. We will discuss systems of oppression in a broad sense and then look at how they have functioned in different historical moments. We'll make connections to our own lives, and finally we will think about how organizing gives Jews of Color powerful agency to collectively confront oppression on all levels.

Location: Reich-Marran Room

Presenters:  Hannah Sultan, Yehudah Webster


C) Privilege and Parenting: Navigating Personal Privelage in American and Jewish Society

A guided discussion about understanding personal privilege in American society and Jewish communal, spaces, and gaining tools to navigate our emotions and occurrences in which that privilege is not extended to our Jewish children of color.

Location: Dratfield Room

Presenters:  Marla Brettschneider


D) Telling Our Stories: Jews of Color, Migration and Diaspora

Widely, Jews understand that G-d created the world through words, and since the Beginning oral traditions and written texts have been central to Jewish peoples across the world. From ancient Midrash to modern film, Jews love to tell stories, not just to entertain but often to create meaning and communities. As Jews of Color our very existence is often questioned, thus telling our stories is a resistance to our erasure. As immigrants and the descendants of immigrants, refugees, expulsed citizens, enslaved Africans and/or the colonized indigenous people of Turtle Island, our stories break the silence imposed on our experiences. As activists our stories leave evidence of our work and our visions.

Location: Sanctuary

Presenters: Ilise Cohen, Sydney Levy, Aurora Levins-Morales, Julian Padilla, Virgilio Aran, Mark Tseng Putterman


E) Childcare and Youth

Supervised games, fun and learning activities for young people; childcare for little ones.

Location: Kessler-Karp Room


F) The Many Aspects of Being a Jew of Color in America:  A Workshop For Teens

Games, open conversation, art-making, and learning led by a teen for teens! We will talk about our identities as Jews of Color. This is a workshop to help you feel less confused, build a sense of community and belonging, and to let you know that you can change the world!

Location: Hibsher-Orient Room

Presenter: Navah Little